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VO Baker

V.O. Baker Company was established in 1962 by V. O. Baker (1910-1977) in Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. Baker used his knowledge of the casting and forging industry to acquire the Magnaflux line of nondestructive testing supplies and equipment. V.O. Baker Company quickly became the largest supplier of nondestructive testing supplies in the United States and has maintained this status for the past 30 years.

V.O. began to diversify the company's products and services as his customer base grew. The most significant addition was the Hardman brand of adhesives and sealants. This new line accelerated V.O. Baker Company's entry into a wide range of new markets, most notably the golf club assembly and the contract packaging industry. Currently, V.O. Baker Company sells to over 3,200 customers on five continents.

V.O. Baker Company is a woman and minority owned business.

Founder: V. O. Baker