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Double Bubble® Epoxy

Hardman® DOUBLE/BUBBLE epoxies are strong and versatile. They contain no solvents, will not shrink and cure at room temperature. Epoxies are effective over a wide range of temperatures for bonding to metal, glass, ceramics, wood, concrete and most hard plastics. They are cost-efficient adhesives and do not induce galvanic corrosion.
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04001 Extra Fast Setting Epoxy - Red Packet
Double/Bubble® Epoxy Extra fast setting for quick repairs. Excellent adhesive for bonding wood, glass, metal, stone, concrete, ceramics and leather.
Market price: $113.51 save 23%
04002 Machineable, Fast Setting Epoxy - Yellow Packet
A machineable tooling and body patch that adheres to metal, wood and hard plastics. Can be machined, sanded, drilled and tapped.
04003 Wet Surface Patch Epoxy - Purple Packet
A gap-filling adhesive for use in damp or moist environments. Cures and bonds under water. Bonds to stone, concrete, metal, glass, china, wood and fiberglass.
04004 Clear Impact Resistant Epoxy - Green Packet
Use as an adhesive or coating. Bonds to metal, ceramics, glass, porcelain and wood. Covers and fills scratches. Impact resistant.
04005 General Purpose Epoxy - Blue Packet
A long work-life adhesive for bonding wood, metal, ceramics, concrete, rubber and plastics.
04006 Regular Setting Epoxy - Black Packet
A low-viscosity adhesive, with a failry long work-life. Cures to a light color and bonds well to wood, metal, concrete, fabrics and most plastics.
04007 Very High Peel Strength Epoxy - Orange Packet
A flexible, tough and durable, vibration resistant adhesive. High peel and shear strengths. Bonds to polystyrene, ABS nylon, metal, wood, masonry and rubber.
04008 Non-Sag Extra Fast Setting Epoxy - Red #2 Packet
Extra fast setting, non-sag (thixotropic) adhesive for quick repairs. Bonds to wood, glass, metal, stone, ceramics and leather.
04022 Urethane D-50 Flexible, High Peel Strength - Green/Beige Packet
A good combination of high peel and lap shear strengths. It is semi-flexible and will bond to rubber, leather, china and many plastics.
04023 Urethane D-85 Semi-Flexible, High Shear Strength - Blue/Beige Packet
Extra fast setting, semi-rigid. Combines very high lap shear strength with good peel strength.
04024 Urethane A-85 General Purpose - Purple/Beige Packet
Fast setting with high peel strength. Tough and flexible. Bonds to most metals, plastics, rubber, glass and leather. Good for low temperature, sub-zero applications. Patching and filling voids and scratches in plastic and metal tooling, patterns and furniture.
04030 Versatile Silicone Adhesive/Sealant - Brown Packet
Fast setting and non-sag (thixotropic). Excellent temperature, moisture, vibration and ozone resistance. It will not sag on vertical surfaces. Silicone bonds to most materials including metal, glass, wood, ceramics and many plastics.
04040 Once Hand Cleanser - Green/Yellow Packet (CLOSE OUT PRICING)
Dispensable "One-Wash" portion. Soothing lanolin formula, no harsh solvents or abrasives. Floating "beadlets" promote scrubbing action - gentle on hands.
Market price: $94.00 save 55%