Epoweld 16756A/3243B

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High Impact Epoxy – Black(16756A) – Ivory(3243A)
 A high-impact, two-component, room temperature cure epoxy adhesive with excellent cohesive strength, pull-out strength and torque resistance.
Typical uses: Bonding golf club heads, striking tool heads, grinding wheel hubs, metal doors and windows. A golf industry standard for over 30 years.
Bonds: Metal, wood, ceramics, concrete, rubber and plastics.
Work time: 2-3 hours
Full cure: 24 hours
Color: Black(16756A) – Ivory(3243A)
Viscosity: 24,000 cps.

16756A: SDS
16756A: TDS

3243B: SDS
3243B: TDS

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